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Easy Flower Hoop Wooden Cake Topper
Easy Flower Hoop Wooden Cake Topper
Easy Flower Hoop Wooden Cake Topper

Easy Flower Hoop Wooden Cake Topper

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Product Description

Flower Pro Easy Flower Hoops are an easy way to create contemporary cake toppers. Simply weave your sugar flowers and leaves through the pre-drilled holes, making your hoop as simple or elaborate as you like.

  • Unique pre-drilled holes allow for easy attachment of wired flowers and leaves.
  • Designed in collaboration with master cake artist Chef Nicholas lodge.

Also available in clear acrylic and silver mirror.

Product size:
Length: 255 mm / 10.04 Inches
Width: 160 mm / 6.30 Inches
Height: 3 mm / 0.12 Inches

When inserting into a cake, you first must make a barrier between the cake and the topper pick. Cut a length of food grade poly dowel or a straw (bubble straws are ideal) the same depth as your cake. Take a small piece of fondant and block one end. Insert this end first into the cake and press down until it is level with the top of the cake. Then insert the hoop pick into the poly dowel / straw. You should always use this kind of barrier when using your hoop topper in a cake.



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