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New Baby mould – Behind the Scenes and Step by Step Guide

We have something a bit different for you today! A lot of work goes into creating these moulds and we thought we would give you a behind the scenes look at our new Baby moulds!

Doreen and Graeme are our ideas people, they put so much time (and love) into every mould and even though sometimes it takes a few tests  to get it right, the end product is definitely worth the time!
Quite often in our Craft Room we will have multiple designs where we have tested a prototype and then made minute changes to the design.
Doreen has taken these photos to demonstrate how they test the moulds, but it also works as a Step by Step Guide for how to use them!
Here’s the Baby Boy mould:





And the Baby Girl mould:






When the moulds are perfect we then have to make sample cakes with them to photograph and share! This involves painting and making sure the design is as good as it can possibly look!
And that’s how we end up with this beautiful image of a beautiful baby girl!

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