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Golf Medal Cupcake Topper Tutorial by Gilles Leblanc

Follow this detailed step by step tutorial by Gilles from Les Gateâux de Gilles and make your very own Golf Medals! Perfect for the top of any cupcake or cookie!

Here is a list of the material needed:


Step 1

Let start by rolling some fondant to the thickness of the wood dowel.01Step 2

Removed a small piece and roll it to about 1/16 of an inch.02 02-2 Step 3

Cut the top part in a wavy motion.03

Step 4

Then place the thin fondant over, in the middle the thicker piece.04

Step 5

With the fir tree mold make some small trees and place them over the fondant as shown in the picture.05 05-2 05-3

Step 6

Then make one of the golfer using the Golf Silhouettes mold and apply some edible glue.06 06-2Step 7

Place the mold over the fondant and align the golfer to the center.07

Step 8

Take the plastic film and wrap it tightly around the circle cutter.08 08-2Step 9

Then center it over your piece and press it down firmly.09

Step 10

Remove the excess of fondant before lifting your cutter.010 010-1Step 11

Using a bunch of toothpicks glued together, texture the part that would be grass.011Step 12

Then with your Dresden tool, remake some accent on the trees.012Step 13

At this point, put your piece on some parchment paper for easy manipulation.013

Step 14

Using the Rope Border mold make a border using the smallest rope.014 014-2 014-3 014-4Step 15

Apply some edible glue around the piece and glue the rope on it.015 015-2Step 16

With the Mini Micro mold, make the small shell and flatten the tip.016 016-2Step 17

Also make a small Scoop and 2 S scrolls.017 017-2 017-3 017-4
Step 18

Cut the S scrolls at an angle about half way.018Step 19

Put some edible glue on your piece and assemble the small pieces.019Step 20

Starting with the small Scoop followed by the Shell piece and a small fondant ball to the top.020 020-2

Step 21

Glue the S scroll on each side. And voila your piece is ready for painting.021 021-2 021-3Step 22

Using Roxy & Rich Gold Hybrid dust mixed with some Vodka make some paint and paint your piece with an Airbrush.022 022-2

Step 23

Let the paint dry and then dust it with some black petal dust.023 023-2Step 24

Then with a damp paper towel removed the excess of dust, be careful not to remove the gold paint.024 024-2

Step 25

I like to finish by applying a coat of edible glaze to protect the finish.Les-Gateaux-De-Gilles_Golf-Silhouettes-5 Les-Gateaux-De-Gilles_Golf-Silhouettes-6

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