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Creative Ways to Adapt Molds to Suit your Needs!

In a perfect world we would have a mold for absolutely everything imaginable (we’re working on it) but, what if you have a project coming up and it needs something that you don’t have a mold for?



One of the best things about Katy Sue Designs molds are that you are not limited to their original purpose. Chef Nicholas Lodge has proven this by using the Creative Cake System Dragonflies mold to create caterpillars, lady birds and spiders!


He has then used the Sugar Buttons Owl mold to create a Thanksgiving inspired Turkey! We’re thrilled to see all the different and creative ways of adapting our products to suit your needs.


We spoke to Chef Nicholas and asked him to share a little how to guide for this, and thankfully he’s done just that! So we’re sharing this with you and hope this inspires you to look at your molds in a brand new light!


Let us know in the comments if you have found another use for any of our molds


Spiders, Caterpillars and Lady Birds


Created using the Creative Cake System Dragonflies Mold.


Step 1



Spider black as lady bug. Once dry, use black stamens attached under body with a little softened black paste and water. Leave to dry.


Step 2



Trim off the stamen ends and bend angles in legs with fine tweezers.


Step 3



Continue to bend all the legs. (Using stamens means the spider and lady bug will not be edible, buy you could pipe the legs in royal icing.


Step 4



Step 5





Created with The Sugar Buttons Owl Silicone Mold and a garret frill cutter.


Step 1



Step 2


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